Dear friends
If you cannot come for treatment to our office for some reason, nevertheless, you want to use our services, we (me and my assistant) will be glad to come to your home almost anywhere in the world.
Please note our current

In our centre of holistic medicine we treat four to five patients per day maximum and we work 5 days a week.
Our terms are booked 1–2 weeks in advance at least.

Length of stay

I know from my practice that serious cases are not resolvable by applying one therapy only, therefore the optimal stay period is one week (including travelling time).
It is possible to arrange shorter or longer period (2 – 14 days).
During the days we are with you, you are entitled to have everyday care.
We begin the next day after our arrival. After mutual agreement, it is possible to treat more patients per day.












Transport and accommodation

We are not very demanding, able to cut down our expanses when needed. However, we need to come rested to you, feeling comfortable.
Therefore, it is important the transport is fast and the most comfortable, economy class being sufficient.
Accommodation in a hotel or a guest house with meal and wi-fi should be at adequate level.

Room for your therapy

It would be optimal if you arrange the room with high-quality massage table/chiropractic bed.
The room should be clean, airy and, if needed, air-conditioned with temperature about 24°C/75°F.
In some cases, we can bring the massage table with, but there is a risk of luggage loss or delay.

Way of payment

We take for appropriate to receive 50 % of agreed price in advance to one of our accounts, of course, including transport and accommodation expenses.
The rest of the payment has to be paid in cash before the first therapy.

In the case of your order cancellation, we will subtract eligible costs (fly tickets cancellation, banking fees, etc.).
In the case of unforeseeable situation on our side, the advance payment will be returned in full immediately.

Communication before our visiting you

We prefer to communicate via our contact form ― here you can communicate in English or in your native language – we can use translator.
You can also contact me via phone in English if necessary, however, /my English is far from perfect/, therefore I ask you to be tolerant.
In the case you do not speak English, Spanish or some Slavonic language an interpreter will be needed during our stay with you.

What we will need from you

Detailed description of your medical condition, age, body height, weight, roentgen/CT/MRI scan descriptions of the spine and/or brain (if available). Detailed history of your problems – physical, psychic (if needed).
I need to know which part of the world you are in and what else you have tried before you have contacted us.

Private visit & visa

Please note that our prospective visit will be solely private and we are not able to provide you with any official receipt and/or invoice.
We are Slovak citizens that are members of the European Union and therefore check for visa requirement is needed.












Your medical condition after the therapy

You should feel substantial improvement of your medical condition after several therapies.
We will do our best to help you. Our results are excellent ― we have over 90 per cent success rate. However, we cannot guarantee any 100 per cent result.
All we can do is to make every effort.
It is wise to approach these issues with humility and understanding.
My experiences are extensive and all I will do to you I can do to myself, what is the most difficult thing to do.

And why all these things?

I think it is important to be available and be a help to anybody, no matter where they are.
Most of my patients are people that want to get rid of pain, but we are here mainly for those who need our help in finding the greatest treasure and meaning of life ― their HEALTH ― spiritual, mental and physical.



If you are firmly decided to solve your health condition with our help and you have a serious interest in our visit to you, you can contact us

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