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Is your therapy safe? Can it cause any harm or injury? Does it hurt?

This therapy is really safe and, in the course of any manipulation, I try to proceed with extreme gentleness and painlessness. The pain depends on the health condition and energetics of the patient. Sometimes it hurts but just for a very short instant, and it is worth standing the pain. In my practice, I have had only positive outcomes without any damage to the patients´ health.

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When I have pain in my arm, why do you treat my entire body?

The body is always treated as a whole, from the toes up to the control systems, because by this treatment, a substantial amount of all-healing energy is released. And, I know from my practice, for example, that there is always dislocation of the C7 vertebra and neighbouring spine vertebras behind the pain in the arms and hands.


The whole body works together because “everything is connected with everything”.

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My dad is 80 years old. Can he go through your therapy?

Of course, he can, my therapy has no limits in terms of age. My youngest patient was 2 months old and the oldest was 86 years old.

The decisive factor here is a contraindication, which makes examination impossible – see the paragraph THERAPY.

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I have an appointment with you for the therapy; how much extra would it cost me for you to diagnose my son who comes with me?

In the frame of your allotted time, the diagnosis of your son or any other person is free of charge.

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How many treatments are recommended and in what frequency?

It depends on the patient´s health condition and degenerative changes in his organism. The more changes the higher effort is needed to change the patient´s condition.

However, since mostly patients with serious health conditions come to see me, it is recommended to repeat the therapy several times.


– Minor health problems –      1 therapy

– Medium health problems – 2 therapies

– Serious health problems –  3 therapies


Still, the truth is that most patients feel substantial relief after their first visit already. The interval between the sessions has to be at least 3 days.

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I have gone through 3 of your therapies and I feel very good after a long time. How can I preserve this condition?

All things that are manifested in your body have their spiritual cause and, mostly, they are reflections of your lifestyle. Therefore it is very wise to consider the way you live your life, what you can possibly change so as to become a healthier individual spiritually, mentally and physically.


Anyhow, we all basically know what to do and how to live our lives, all we have to do is to act according to this knowledge so that the money spent on therapy would be a wise investment.

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I feel also mental relief after the therapy. Can there be any connectedness?

Yes, sure. It is important that the treatment is aimed at overall and directed ease and relaxation of patients; in essence from the inside to the outside, which is a positive way of life energy flow. Since all this is based on patients´ free will, this energy – pure, healing both spirit, soul and body – comes directly from the source of the absolute life.


I do not intervene with the process in any manner nor put there my own energy. I just stimulate the patient to act accordingly, making this process possible.

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Is it possible for me to learn how to correct my own achy knee or anything else?

Yes, it is possible. In the frame of your allotted time, you can ask whatever you want. I will show you and give any advice of how you can help yourself at home, or I will show it to your partner.


It is very advisable to learn as much as possible about yourself, about the way you can help yourself because this knowledge you will keep for all your life.


As a matter of fact, the most proper and desirable condition is when you do not need me and become self-contained to the highest possible extent.

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You say that you “see” it. I wonder what and how you see it and where have you learned that?

These skills or talents of mine are a gift that I try to improve continuously; and, that is true that I have this talent to see into the human body and diagnose position of joints, organs, as well as function of bodily systems and how to make proper corrections.


I have been dealing with this issue, “how it works”, since 1996 and the essential incentive was my disastrous medical condition. No treatment helped me therefore I began studying how our health actually works and what can be done about it.


Gradually discovering interconnectedness, I arrived from the body to the energy of the soul and to the spirit as a causative factor of all things. I try to utilize this knowledge in my work, helping others to become, the same way I did, healthier and happier from the very essence of their life.


The truth is that people have the inner ability to recognize the truth about all and everything. This ability is inherent in all of us, and we decide how we live and how we develop that ability, from the very principle, for the good of all.