Flying chiropractor

What can we offer you?
  • We come to see you almost anywhere in the world without any delay, if possible
  • I will correct and put in proper position all your locomotive organs – the spine and all joints
  • I will perform a special treatment of your internal organs/ is very effective in pain and problems with these organs /
  • Acupuncture with hot needle is a part of the therapy (if possible and proper to apply)
  • I can see people´s internals and diagnose organs and system disorders; therapy that follows is safe and very effective
  • I am used to deal with the most complicated seemingly insolvable cases
  • The therapy is carried out very professionally and gently, taking patient´s medical condition and age into close consideration
  • The therapy is a first-rate world class treatment that meets the highest criteria; this fact is testified by my patients whose life has fundamentally changed for the better…