Internal systems and organs

Pain orientation map

Digestive system

The digestive system is a tube about 9 meters long that has a complex variety of functions. This system is very essential for food storage, digestion of food, elimination of metabolic waste substances and optimal utilization of nutrients. Proper digestion is dependent on the proper function of the immune and nervous system.

Digestion Tract
There are lots of digestion tract diseases – from gastritis, pancreatitis, cirrhosis, formation of ulcers, cysts, polyps, stones, to the total dysfunction of the digestive system and cancer.

The therapy consists of relaxation of individual parts of the digestive tract, either by direct intervention and correction of individual organs, or indirectly using active points corresponding to the positive function of particular organs. We relax the large intestine, straighten parts of the small intestine, lift up dropped stomach and all organs into their original position. The patient feels immense relief, and the process of dynamization and recovery of the whole organism occurs.

Reproductive system

Reproductive system

Reproductive system, besides its procreative function, also plays other important roles. Although it is considerably smaller in comparison with other bodily organs, no doubt it represents the biologic executive centre of the human organism.

There is a whole range of reproductive organ diseases. Women suffer mostly from cysts, myoma, discharges connected with infectious disease, dropped or retroverted uterus, cervical cancer, etc. Men have mostly problems with testicular disease, prostate disease, etc.


Again, the therapy is oriented on both mechanical relaxation – here, we put into a proper position those organs where such a manipulation is possible – we correct retroverted uterus and lift up the whole content of the abdominal cavity, loosening by that manoeuvre the pressure on those organs.
Often, it is necessary to relax also mammary glands and, in some cases, spasms in the vagina, or spasms in the testicular area. Energetic relaxation – patient alone releases and directs, by his own effort, the flow of life energy into his internal organs.

Control systems

Nervous system

  Immunity system

   Endocrine system



With all other internal systems and organs, as well as with control systems and their diseases, the situation is alike. They are interdependent, and if we relax one of them, this has a direct positive impact on all of them. They can be influenced especially through the active points.


Once, I have read that there is about 100 000 diagnoses of disease, but only one health. So, for all those years, I have been trying to find and strengthen that health. Gradually, I became aware of my spiritual essence, emotional connection of the soul and body, how important it is to forgive others and myself and how wonderful it is to do good for the sake of others and to be satisfied with myself and my with own life.


I wish you all from the bottom of my heart that you find the right path.
The only thing I can do here is to be helpful in your pursuit, in all my sincerity, with all my power…

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