My story

Written by Erika B. from Slovakia

Good day Mr. Gasperak,


On August 30, 2012, I was treated by you and now

I would like to share with you that my back pain HAS DISAPPEARED.

Fortunately, I have had no negative reactions. In the evenings at about 10 o´clock, I go to bed and, in the morning, I wake up refreshed, rested, with no pain at all.

Saturday evening, I turned my mattress with the hard side upwards to see what would happen during the night. For the first time, I woke up at 5:00 in the morning, went to the bathroom, returned to the bed to rest for a while, and I woke up at 9:00!!! I cannot remember the time I slept for so long.

Today, I woke up at 6:15, in a totally normal way.

I have forgotten to ask you how I should exercise to retain my health as long as possible. Do you have any advice?

I feel sorry for my husband as he is unwilling to have his condition fixed and complains every day about his back pains. Well, I cannot pressure him as he has to decide on his own.

Mr. Gasperak,, thank you very much for your help. Also, I want to thank your assistant Anita. Both of you created very quiet atmosphere, full of understanding, compassion, and I felt your efforts to be as helpful as possible.

On September 8th, my acquaintance who uses a wheelchair will return from Croatia. I will share my experiences with her and, the decision to visit you I will leave to her.

Also, I said to a friend of my son to go with me, at least to hear her diagnosis. But our Anita is afraid, since she read in a newspaper that a healer caused harm to a young girl in such a way that she stayed in a wheelchair. Our Anička exercises every evening, but her back pains.

I am sure we will meet us in person again, since I plan to visit you once a year at least – preventively.

I wish you good health, blessed hands and daily happiness and joy.


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Written by Jane S., from Slovakia

to her girlfriend (that forwarded us the e-mail with her approval).


Hello Jitka,


My sincere gratitude for inspiring me to go to a chiropractor. I knew the word though, but, despite my taking care of my health, in some way that word never came into my life. Well, now it came – in the right time .

Long ago, I envisioned in some way to have my bones “dismantled” and then to have them assembled in the right order.

Well, this is the way it works. He goes through all your body and finds out many, many  inconsistencies. Well, the best thing is he finds them  at least. That is the first phase. Then the next phase follows – fixing of those inconsistencies.

I had no clue, that there have been so many inconsistencies in my body. But that does not matter, now I feel great, excellent, flying, I can move, turn around, bend in all directions, also my neck, my legs, hands, body.

It feels totally different in comparison to how it felt couple hours ago. Before, it felt as if I was jointed and glued together with some safety pins, tacked here and there, making one move and it pulls here and there, and it goes like this round and round, whether you sleep, get up, work, rest…

These are my feelings by now. Based on what is up to now – for a few hours – I would recommend to visit Mr. Gasperak – but that is up to every individual.

People have to be prepared to do something for themselves and to take this stance to that.

And one thing more – very, very lovely, caring, humble and respectful attitude from the moment of my booking to the moment of my leaving them. Waw !

I wish you a nice day, and not only this one.

See you later.



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Written by Anna S. from Slovakia

Dear friends,


let me share with you my experiences with chiropractor Mr. Zdenko Gašperák.

5 years ago, when I reached 45 years of age, I underwent 3 serious belly surgeries, expecting to go through the 4th. 3 years after the surgeries, I was trying to recover, but my medical problems accumulated in a way where I took more and more medications, but my pains did not recede.

My legs, joints, back, arms did not obey me. Simply, I felt like an 80-year old woman and I felt severe pain in my whole body.

In October 2012, I went to Mr. Zdenko, and I have to tell you my dear, it was worth it.

Mr. Zdenko is a very nice, kind and reliable gentleman. He emanates peace, certainty and something very pleasant and empathetic.

After his diagnosing and fixing the whole my body, I felt like being newborn. All my pains disappeared and I became a new person.

I really felt no pain, no prickle, I walk easily and, most importantly, in a way I forgot about all my medications that I never needed again from that moment on. It is a fantastic feeling that I wish to be experienced by all.

I am very grateful to have the honour to be treated by Mr. Zdenko who deserves to be highly respected and praised.

After 3 treatments/therapies with Mr. Gasperak, I underwent CT-scan and all results were negative, which made me even happier, so the 4th surgery never materialized.

Anita, Mr. Zdenko´s nice and pleasant assistant showed me how to exercise, and has also played her part in my health. I do the exercises to this day and it does me really good.

I feel totally different, just fine…

Our whole family has similar experiences with Mr. Zdenko´s treatments.

I dare to mention also the case of my 26-years old daughter Petra who suffered with terrible sciatic problems for 8 years before the treatment.

She tried various treatments that worked only for a short time, and pains occurred again in a more severe form. When visiting Mr. Zdenko for the first time, we almost carried her, since she was not able to walk because of her pains.

Immediately after Mr. Zdenko´s therapy, Petra came to see me with smile in her face, happy and with tears in her eyes saying: “Mum, I can even dance.” It was gorgeous…

Well, dear friends, I appreciate and honour Mr. Zdenko´s help and I heartily recommend him.

Sincerely yours

………………………. Anna

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Written by Thomas S. from Slovakia

Hi all,


My name is Thomas. Since I was 10 years old, I played basketball actively. When I was 16 years old, a shock occurred. The problem lasted for 4 and 1/2 year. Then, the date came (12.31.2013) I never forget about. My mum´s colleague recommended me to try chiropractic. With the help of Zdenko and Anita, I managed to enjoy life again to its fullness.

The problem persisted for a long time and it occurred because of me. Rapid growth, excessive physical load and very poorly strengthened centre of my body took its tax. What was the conclusion? Shifted pelvis, displaced hip joint, burning pain in sacroiliac area. I better stop continuing.

I needed a new beginning, correction, impulse. I was shocked. Immediately after the first treatment, I felt 100 % better, and 2 weeks later, after the second treatment, it was amazing. My muscles were relaxed. After a long time, I smiled with zest. I got a new energy, I recharged my batteries, but I became aware of one important thing – the route is the goal.

If I wanted to preserve this condition, I had to work on myself in a regular way, both in theory and in practice. Today is April and I am in a TOP condition – I could play again, but I’ve redirected my life. Healthy food, regular sleep, study, exercises for deep stabilization, swimming, cycling, light run, hiking and pilates. Of course, all in moderation.

Thank you very much.



P.S. – for all sceptics: learn to work on yourself systematically and the results will come. What is important, however, is to believe in yourself all the time!

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Written by Zdenko, “Chiropractor” from Slovakia

If you allow me, dear friends, I also would like to contribute to this column with some interesting stories from my practice.



A father, our patient, brought his 2-yars old daughter Simonka to us, who suffered with severe and painful constipation, bellyache and bedwetting.

It was amazing how she co-operated (even though it must have been rather painful for her) and she let us do whatever was needed to. At one moment, right in the end of the procedure, the kid got up and said… “Done…”… and we were not allowed to do anything more.

After some time, when I met her father, he let us know that the therapy was successful and the daughter totally recovered.


Child in a brace…

One lady – a care person, came to us with 14-years old girl. Lucka, the girl, was lightly mentally disabled, suffering with rather extensive scoliosis (she wore scoliosis brace that was not of a great help). Rather serious problem was her halitosis that troubled both her and her close relatives.

I applied one treatment only, being able to fix the back blockade very easily. After the treatment the spine was totally straight and, after neck spine relaxation, the halitosis completely disappeared.


The most interesting diagnosis…

Once, a middle-aged gentleman came to see me and when I asked him what his greatest trouble is, he answered: “You know, Mr. Gašperák, I have no troubles at all, no pains, but I have one big problem. Each day, in the afternoon, my tongue turns orange, what makes my communication with my clients rather difficult.”

I did my best, most aspects of the problem concerned hepatic circuit, and I don´t know what the result was, since I have not seen him anymore.


I had no problems…

I remember Ms Alenka very well, a lady that said a lovely sentence after her second coming… “When I was with you for the first time, I had no problems at all, but after that I felt a huge relief…”

She experienced herself as being rather healthy, even though she took a large amount of various drugs for a long period of time.

You know how it feels like, over a period of time one gets so accustomed to various pains and limitations that one begins to consider them to be normal and appropriate to ones age. One has nothing to compare with, since one does not remember how it felt like when one was healthier.


This I cannot tell anybody…

A mother recommended his daughter, 25-years old girl Jarka that had huge problems with her jaw for 8 years, to come to see us. Her face was swollen and very painful and even though she was in care of medical doctors, those pains did not recede.

An extensive jaw surgery was imminent. However, she was not willing to go through it in any case.

I put all things to their right place, including her jaw, and, of course, I explained her in details how she would fix her jaw on her own.

When she came for the second time, she looked and felt much better. I remember the sentence she shared… “This I cannot say anybody. I suffered for so many years and you corrected it within 2 minutes – nobody would believe me”.

This happens very often, the most genial things are the easiest.


4 years…

Very often, when working with my patients, I use acupuncture needles that, when used properly, is very effective.

This was the most obvious in the case of 20-years old girl with both hands shaking for 4 years.

After the first therapy, 50 % betterment occurred and after the second visit the condition was even better, but the hands were still shaking.

It was only after a hot needle treatment and application of needles from her head to her toe tips, that the nervous system recovered, and her hands stopped shaking. And they are OK now.



Alenka, our patient, recommended her sister-in-law, Janka, to take our therapy. She was a 38-years old girl with severe pains of her locomotive system and problems with her spine.

She was on a sick leave for one year when she decided to come to see us, even though her neurologist discouraged her from this step once before.


She underwent only one therapy and I remember her astonishment and surprise when she felt no pain after the treatment and she was as flexible as a wand.

Her sister-in-law described us the reaction of her MD later, when she insisted on returning to her work after one year of sick leave. Her MD told her… “Well, it would have to be a miracle…” and Jane replied … “It is a miracle, doctor”.


Where have you got your stick?

We like to ask our patients where from they know about us, who recommended us. We asked this question one older lady who hobbled in our place with the help of French crutch.

She described it like this: “I met my good acquaintance in our city and I saw he walked as a young man. I asked him… “Where is your stick?”… “I was with Mr. Gašperák and I do not need it anymore”… he replies. Well, and now I am here, maybe you can do something with me.”

The lady was over 70 and her condition was rather complicated and there were a lot of things to be corrected, but the treatment went good and she was leaving very easily.

What was funny about it was that when she was leaving, she carried her stick under her arm and, apparently, she did not need it anymore.


Day after…

Very often, all family members come one after another. After having good experience with the treatment, they recommend it each other. And this was also the case with Ms Evička who had had huge problems with her knees.

Her son and his girlfriend were trying to convince her for one year to visit us to try the treatment, but she did not believe them.

She waited for a surgery date – the knee-join replacement.

However, what happened was that suddenly the surgery was cancelled and she considered it to be a sign, and after that she came.

What was interesting was that the visit occurred at the exact day the surgery had been planned.

There was only one treatment needed as for the knee correction, and since that day the lady has no problem, no pain and no restraints.


The hip turned over…

Many patients have their hip joint displaced and rotated, and what is interesting is that the rotation occurs toward one side exclusively. Well, almost exclusively, since I had one case when it was the other way round…

Young lady came to see us, with severe pains of her hip joint. They were so severe that she thought of a surgery and the hip joint replacement.

She informed us that the pains continue for 6 months, since her delivery. What happened obviously was that by her delivery the joint was counter-rotated, getting out of his proper position, and from this, those severe pains stemmed.

She was very nice and, together we managed the situation and she is very well now.


Every other day…

I had a very interesting experience with one older gentleman who also had a lot of things to be corrected. However, his main problem was his defecation.

For about 12 years, from his gall-bladder surgery, he had strong diarrhoea and, every time, for all those years, the bile came out. He was very limited by that condition and during such a day, he had to stay home.

I concluded that the reason for that must have been a duodenum being turned over, in which the bile stores in some way, and I found out that this was really the case.

After a while, his son, George, being our patient as well, called me that his father was doing better and that he had that diarrhoea once in a week, however, that he is not willing to come to complete the issue.

I respect his decision unconditionally, no matter how much I would wish for him to be as healthy as possible.


You will not believe me…

“You will not believe me, Mr. Gasperak, but I have no pain anymore.”

This was what Ms Mary told me after her visiting us. “But I do believe you, dear lady”, I said to her. The lady was in serious medical condition. When she came for the first time for a therapy, she was almost not able to walk, sleep, eat and exists without pain.


In the course of the therapy, after correction of the atlas (the 1st neck vertebra), huge positive reaction occurred, the strongest I have ever experienced. I had to put a cover on her and let her lie for a longer period of time, so as for her to restore her breathing.

That positive change was obvious at a first glance, and so I did not wonder at all that she felt such a relief.

She was inspired by her son, George. In his case, some time ago, I managed to correct one of his discs displaced about 9 mm.


Not all cases were successfully fixed…

It is true, that even though I do my best, sometimes things do not work according both to my notions and notions of the one who entrusts oneself to me.

The fact that it does not work has several reasons. In the first place, the person concerned has to be determined and willing to do whatever is needed for him/her to be healthy.

Also, there are limits put by my gifts and abilities in the given matter.

And finally, some things cannot be “corrected”, and it is necessary to undergo a surgery or to fix them in a different way, or sometimes, in the case they are irreversible, one has to come to terms with his/her condition – this sometimes happens too.

However, I do remember only a few cases I had to say to my patient that I am not able to help him anymore, and I did not recognize the reason why. He/she did his/her best, he/she came to see me so many times as necessary, but it did not suffice and he/she had to continue searching.

Thank you for your time, dear friends, and I wish you to always find the right help on your journey to your health..


Sincerely yours,


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