What takes place during a procedure?

Patient is stripped to their underwear, without socks and jewelry; all parts of the locomotive apparatus and internal organs are examined and gradually put into their proper place, to the maximum possible extent with regard to the health condition of each patient.






What is needed?

Patient needs to bring his/her medical report if there is a diagnosis indicating health problems. In the case of more serious health problems, it is useful to write them down on a sheet of paper; what kind of pain one has and in what part or parts of the body. Before therapy, we recommend taking a shower and not applying any oils, lotions or antiperspirant.





At the location of diagnosis – advanced osteoporosis, tumour, unhealed wound, fractures that occurred less than 3 months ago, acute infection diseases, high temperature, strong menstruation.



Therapy is suitable for all ages from little babies to the oldest individuals.



If you have done your best and nobody has been able to help you, or even diagnose you correctly; if no medication has proven to be effective, no massage, rehabilitation or alternative treatment works, if you are facing surgery but you are not sure if it is necessary, we can try to help you. Something can be done at any time, regardless of the diagnosis and condition, and you can become a healthier individual.
It will be honour for me to work with you


Zdenko Gašperák